-with   John  Travolta,  in "Gotti"

S A L  R E N D I N O


C a s t i n g  D i r e c t o r   q u o t e :

"The  Edgy  Detective / Doctor / Dad

with  a  quick  wit  and  a  secret

(Tom Hanks  meets  Vince Vaughn)"


Not  Just  Another  25-Year

Overnight   Success



~~ Wrapped lead role in family dramedy feature, One Moment, opp. Danny Aiello

~~ Winner,  2019 Best Supporting Actor,

First Contact Film Fest., for  Junkie Heaven 

~~ Appeared on Season 4 of NBC's  Blindspot,  and asked back for series finalé

~~ Wrapped a lead role in the relationship dramedy pilot,  Couple of Guys 

~~ Played Timothy Bottoms' son (in The Shed ), Kevin ("Dot Com") Brown's movie-star-within-a-movie (in The Only Woman In The World ), and the head of the C.I.A (in Netflix's  Alien Warfare ), all feature films 

~~ Nominated,  2018  Best Supporting Actor,

Brightside Tavern Film Fest., for  A Thousand Words 

~~ Key supporting role in  Gotti  opposite John Travolta (premiered at Cannes) 

~~ Benji the Dove,  based on the international bestseller, sells out at

Geena Davis'  Bentonville Film Fest. 

~~ Reunited with Pam Anderson for two timely ride-share safety ads:  New York Times article  and  video 

~~ Recurring on the final season of F/X's  The Americans 

~~ Strong Recurring on Baz Luhrmann's

Netflix original,  The Get Down 

~~ Winner,  2016  Best Supporting Actor,  Feature,

Nice [Fr] Int.'l Film Fest.,  for  Second Chance 

~~ Winner,  2016  Best Ensemble,  Comedy Feature,

Geena Davis's Bentonville Film Fest., for  Fair Market Value 

Although the rest of my body followed much more recently, I've been trying my hand at acting for the better part of my life, and I continue to pursue the unpredicted, at times the unimagined. For example: uncannily, I do all my best acting just off camera for someone else's close-up; it's my signature move -- and everyone knows, if you want to make it in Hollywood, you need a gimmick. 

That's  why  I'm  in  New  York.

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