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-with   John  Travolta   in  Gotti

S A L  R E N D I N O


C a s t i n g  D i r e c t o r   q u o t e :

"The  Edgy  Detective / Doctor / Dad
with  a  quick  wit  and  a  secret
( Tom Hanks  meets  Vince Vaughn )"

laurels for "Best Supporting Actor" in "One Moment", opposite Danny Aiello, at the LIIFE festival
Sal at the "Gotti" premiere in Cannes with John Travolta
laurels for Best Supporting Actor win for "Second Chance" at the Nice International Film Festival
laurels for "Best Supporting Actor" in "Junkie Heaven" at the First Contact Film Festival


Not  Just  Another  30-Year

Overnight   Success



••Touring with riveting stage show, "Black Angels Over Tuskegee"

••Guest Starring on Season 4 of "Power Book III", Starz network

••Explosive role opp. Jimmy Smits and Amanda Warren in CBS's drama, 

East New York  [CLIP]  

••Law school finally paying off, opp. Seth Rogen and Nick Offerman, in big budget feature,  Dumb Money  [TRAILER]

••Wild shoot opp. John Cusack and Mira Sorvino in WWII espionage thriller, "Fog of War"

••Funny gig in the final season of  The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

••Exciting role in  Johnny & Clyde,  crime spree feature with Megan Fox

••Lead bumbling villain opp. Denise Richards and Patrick Muldoon,

in the family friendly feature,  Junkyard Dogs  [CLIP]

••Center of attention on NBC's  Law & Order: Organized Crime  [CLIP] 

••Winner,  2021 Best Supporting Actor, 

Long Island Int.'l Film Expo., for  One Moment  [CLIPS],  opp. Danny Aiello  

••Key supporting role in  Gotti [CLIP]  opp. John Travolta (premiered at Cannes) 

••Strong Recurring on Baz Luhrmann's 

Netflix original,  The Get Down  [CLIP] 

Although the rest of my body followed much more recently, I've been trying my hand at acting for the better part of my life, and I continue to pursue the unpredicted, at times the unimagined. For example: uncannily, I do all my best acting just off camera for someone else's close-up; it's my signature move -- and everyone knows, if you want to make it in Hollywood, you need a gimmick. 

That's  why  I'm  in  New  York.

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